Why are we in Gökçeada for kitesurfing?

If you want to get out of the house and go on an adventure, this should be an unusual one.
For example, there should be an island, to reach it, to explore it, to feel what it has in it… It should be natural! Its water, its weather, its animal, its landscape… It should be mystical! Its old name should be Imroz (the island with wind), for example, the wind must be felt where Poseidon rested his horses…
As a team, we were blown away and we continue to live with kitesurf in adventure for 14 years.

Come, start your adventure and live…

Close your eyes and dream the island now!

Start your day with yoga on the beach, than have a delicious breakfast at the Cafe, go kitesurfing with the great wind, visit the flamingos 10 minutes ahead during the break!
If you want, go diving in the National Park or touch history in Greek villages.
Let free sheep, goats, horses and rabbits accompany you in the poppy fields.
Meet with the most beautiful fish of the Aegean where the sun sets last…
Don’t forget to take a deep breath while watching the Milky Way by the fire at night!

Kitesurf Wind Season, Direction and Speed

When you look at the sea from Volkite, your face turns to the northeast, that is, to the north wind!

Although the north wind changes with small angles, it continues to blow towards the land for 24 hours for a safe ride. Don’t be alarmed when the south winds blow in the open at the beginning and end of the season, our zodiac rescue boat is at your service.

We have wind blowing between 15-25 knots throughout the season. Some mornings it blows +30 knots and classes are interrupted, while the instructors fly through the air, the students start to sigh on the beach.

In general, wind blowing for 24 hours is 18-22 knots at 11:00 in the morning, decreases to around 10 knots for 1 hour between 13:00 and 15:00 in the afternoon and then blows 15 knots and above again. After 19:00 in the evening, it reaches 20 knots and above.

The season is from April to November and the high season is from July to October.

Average windguru wind data for the last 13 years

Windguru gökçeada

Beach and Training area Features

After you park your car, Volkite is 30m. Away.

This is a 4km long, traffic-free bay with 50m shallow sea reserved for kitesurfing only and 100m wide beach.

We have plenty of space for movement in your first land lesson. Then we open 50m for sea training and the water is at our waist!

Our 600m long special training area is surrounded by buoys and you can easily make the first ascents from here.

Volkite kitesurf eğitim alanı.
Volkite kitesurf eğitim alanı uydu görüntüsü.

Volkite Comfort Zone

What do you need?

Is the wind blowing 24 hours enough? How many knots you want, they’re all here 15-20-25 or even 30-40 knots! Do you want waves or flat water? Just choose whatever you like and get in the water. So, as it’s corona and you need to work remotely, we’ll handle it! We have plenty of electricity and internet, don’t worry! Are you hungry or how about a delicious coffee? What’s easier than that, just take a look at the open kitchen. Definitely try our cheesecakes when you need energy. Come on now, take a break, take a hot shower and lie down on the cushions and relax. But you slept enough, wake up, don’t miss the evening water with sunset! Don’t forget, kite is done here until it gets dark! Where are you going, put your materials in the warehouse, don’t carry them. Come on, see the island a bit, then come, there’s a Surfer’s Party, so don’t be late.

PS: This was the routine Volkite days schedule,please save…