We celebrate our 21st anniversary as Volkite Kiteboarding School

Kitesurfing requires the right training, equipment and spot. Instead of experimenting with the sport, putting it at the center of your life depends on the productivity of the three criteria that was just listed.
That is why:

  • Information filled classes with our staff that can give Instructor Certificate from the Turkish Sailing Federation.

  • In our school we provide Slingshot equipment which is the best quality brand when it comes to Kitesurf.

  • Our training area in Gökçeada is the most windy and most wide area in Turkey.

Short History of Volkite

Volkite was built in Istanbul/Burc Beach in the year 2000. After trying out windsurf, catamaran and wakeboard, kiteboarding entered our lives, grabbed us by the heart and our purpose solely became Kitesurfing.

Volkite Kiteboarding School first started instructing in Istanbul Burc Beach in the summer of 2005.

In 2000s in Kartalkaya and in Kartepe between 2005 and 2007 we’ve also provided with snowboard instructing.

We’ve resumed instructing snowboarding by creating Snowkite school and Snowpark in Uludağ between the years 2007-2010.

We came to discover Gökçeada in 2008 and we fell in love with its wind and nature. We’ve decided to locate and give life to Volkite there and that summer we got our first students to instruct.

Between the years 2008-2010 as Volkite School we resumed training athletes in Istanbul, Uludağ and Gökçeada.

In 2010, due to the uninterrupted northerly winds of Gökçeada being suitable for kitesurfing, we completely moved the school in Istanbul to the island, and now Volkite Gökçeada is our new home and focus.

In 2010, we hosted the kitesurfing development camp called “Progression is Everything” as Volkite.

We hosted the 2010 Tkba special race.

We held a kite festival in 2013 and 2014. We hosted the world-famous Kitemaker Zahit Mungan from Mardin and introduced the children to giant kites and kitesurfing.

In 2014, we created the Çamlıca Kitesurf Challenge, the idea of ​​which belongs entirely to Volkite, with the participation of over 120 athletes. You can watch the summary of this extraordinary race here.

We remade Çamlıca Kitesurfing Challenge 2 in 2015, you can watch it here.

We remade Çamlıca Kitesurfing Challenge 3 in 2016, you can watch it here.

With its experience in board and extreme sports between 2013 and 2015, we organized dozens of races such as kitesurf, windsurf, snowkite, skateboard, mountainbike, canoe, gravity, etc., in many different locations under the sponsorship of Çamlıca Gazoz.

In 2000-2021, Volkite trained tens of trainers and thousands of students.

We provide service with KB5 and KB4 certified trainers who have the Turkish Sailing Federation (TYF) qualification certificate.

See you at the first wind…

Dominic Scott

Volkite Founding Instructor

Who is Volkan Günel?

Dominic Scott

I was born in 1977 in Istanbul. My childhood was spent climbing, jumping, running and inventing things on the treetops and on the castles of Istanbul. I started board sports with skateboarding in 1987, I think I still hold the Turkish record with 11 board ollies.
Snowboarding came into my life in 1995, sailing, windsurf and kitesurfing with Burc Beach in 2000. I experienced the pride and difficulty of learning them all by myself.
I took tours to the mountains, worked in their organization, and finally gave up my profession in the Grand Bazaar completely and started snowboarding in 2000.
I participated in the World Kiteboarding Championships in 2007 and 2008.
I participated in dozens of Freestyle Snowboard races, jumped from bridges with kite, slid in storms (50-60 knots), kite in Haydarpaşa…
Apart from these, we have held many successful races with my organization company, among which the Kitesurf Challenge series has a special place.
In short, I am a simple person who loves extreme life style, is in love with nature and is open to innovations, development, education, sharing and quality friendships.

Meet the Volkite team!

Not only do we train students, we stand out as a team that gives TYF teaching certificates.

TYF Kiteboard hocası, eğitmeniVolkan Günel

Volkan Günel

Owner-KB5 Instructor


TYF Kiteboard hocası, eğitmen Burçak Doğan

Burçak Doğan

KB4 Instructor


TYF Kiteboard hocası, eğitmeni Emin Ufuk

Emin Ufuk

KB4 Instructor


Süheyla Ayar

KB4 Instructor





Enes Günel

Enes Günel

School Manager

Let your body get the right nutrients while your soul is satiated with kitesurfing.

Deniz Gönül

Deniz Gönül

Big Mama

Sezen Pak

Sezen Pak


Zeynep Halisçelik

Zeynep Halisçelik