Heavenly Wind is in Gökçeada Learn how to Kitesurf with the Volkite Kiteboarding school!

We’ve dedicated our lives to the wind and the sea!

We’ve left everything behind to build the one stop Volkite Kiteboard School where you can receive your
training. With 21 years of Kitesurf teaching experience, we are located at the gulf of Kefaloz. Our
location was designed to cater to your every need.

You can receive classes from our experienced instructors in variety of languages such as English,
Spanish, Arabic, French and Italian. Not to mention our Café & Restaurant, which is limitless when it
comes to satisfying your taste buds. Welcome to our Kite location…

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Kiteboard kursu, kiteboard eğitimi , kitesurf eğitimi sırasında bodydrag yapan öğrenci.

The right wind, the best training and the correct equipment!

Enjoy learning Kitesurfing with us in the windy Gökçeada 300 days a year.

The maximum effort we give to basic instruction, with our newest equipment, the safe and comfortable training area provided by the fact that we are the only Kitesurfing school at the gulf of Kefaloz will only prepare you for an extremely pleasant training.

Our season is long!

The school is open between April – November!

Volkite kiteboard okulu olarak kitesurf eğitiminde Slingshot markasını tercih ediyoruz.

The choice of champions

The world’s number 1 user friendly kitesurf equipment.

Kitesurf eğitimlerimiz Türkiye Yelken Federasyonu standartlarındadır.

Experience high standards

Prepare for a satisfying, thrilling but safe programme.

Kitesurf kursu, kitesurf eğitimi sırasında kask-telsiz ile kesintisiz iletişim bb talking.

Be one step ahead with BB talking.

Our Kitesurf course also provides uninterrupted helmet-radio walkie talkie.

This is your playground!

600m. Volkite training area.

3km. Free ride area

All the information concerning the wind and the spots are here!

This is your playground!

600m. Volkite training area

3km. Free ride area

All the information concerning the wind and the spots are here!

Kitesurf School Services

Sales of Equipment

Rental Equipment

Equipment Storage

Kite Repair

Kitesurf Safari


With Massage Therapy

Are you ready to be renewed in Volkite’s fresh place?

This year, we have added a new one to the services we offer you.

You can safely entrust yourself to our hands in our hyacinth-scented place, which includes many options such as Classic, Sports, Thai, Viscera, Face, Foot Massage.

Come on, life is very relaxed at Volkite this summer :)

Before and after Kiteboard

Refresh your energy in our kitchen

You may benefit from our world cuisine kitchen in Café on Shore which provides a rich, fresh and quality menu for you to support your healthy lifestyle and your appetite with our natural food.

If you wish to organize a birthday, a barbeque or group parties; we assist you with a special menu and leave you in the hands of our professional staff members in Volkite Café on Shore.

Gökçeada Volkite kitesurf okulunda bulacağınız trileçe tatlısı.

The event “Çamlıca Kitesurf Challenge” was a first in Turkey and was made possible three times thanks to our organization. It’s an event many athletes participated from Turkey and around the world. You can watch the video of it here.

Contact us if you want to make a reservation or ask any questions!

+90 533 241 10 15

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