Cafe On Shore

Energy Storage Before and After Kiteboarding

In the menu of our On shore Cafe; The most natural breakfast foods, enriched toasts, homemade burgers, salads, Italian pizza and pasta, olive oil dishes and appetizers, meat-chicken-fish and seafood, rich, intense and aromatic coffees, always freshly brewed tea are available.

After your kitesurfing training or after a good driving break, you will be full of action in our On shore cafe, you will enjoy our delicious meals prepared for you and you will feel special at Volkite.

Favorites of last summer…

Main course


Cordon Bleu

Viennese Veal Schnitzel


Kiteloop Burger

Volkite Burger



Volkite Pizza

Vegetarian Pizza

Smoke Pizza


Penne Arabiata

Beef Penne Alfredo

Penne Vegetarian


Tres Leche


Chocolate Waterfall

Lets throw private parties for you…!

 Let’s make barbecue and appetizers, prepare your crowded table, then light the fire and blow out the candles of your carefully prepared birthday cake with your loved ones.
You see, we had a movie night and then we were filled with music and fire.
Let’s meet at “Happy Hour” after kitesurfing another day.
Instead of classical dinners, we prepare meat, fish, kokoreç or lamb roast on the beach or another menu of your choice.
Oh, don’t forget, you can bring your own drink to these special events!
In short, the Volkite days that started in the morning continue at night, share your plans with us so that we can realize the most beautiful ones together.