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As Volkite, we have created 3 different training programs for you to learn kitesurfing quickly and safely.
You can find the program that suits you by browsing the training content, or you can contact us for more information and help with planning.

Our Kiteboard Training Programs

Volkite Training Benefits

Our Experienced Instructor Staff

Our experienced team with KB5 and KB4 certificates with Tyf’s highest level trainer certificate.

Comfortable Training with Wireless Helmet

With the new generation wireless headset, BB Talkin’, you can take lessons by talking to your instructor while riding.

Ideal Wind Direction and Speed

Thanks to the wind blowing on land, even if your Kite falls, you will not be dragged into the open, your feet will touch the ground and you will feel safe. Find all the information about the spot here.

Training Area Isolated from Traffic

We are in a 4km long bay and 600m long for students. You will learn to kitesurf easily in our training area. Click for training area information.

– Courses –

Kitesurfing Starter Program

Our initial training consists of 10 hours. In the continuation of the first lessons, where we practice with different sizes of kites, which also contain theoretical and safety information, we switch to the board. We aim to bring you to the level of independent kiteboarder who does not need help with the first water take off, controlled riding and stance training.

Course content

Theory and kite training (50+50 min.)Kite description, safety information, wind description, wind
window, small kite introduction and practice on land, and four rope kite setup.
Land&Sea Training pass (50+50 min.)Medium-sized kite control with trapeze, lowering & lifting the kite, entering the water, lifting the kite from the water, bodydrag using the downwind and windward kite, getting acquainted with the board.
Continuing sea training (50+50 min.)Kite control of sufficient size, meeting with the Board in the water, position balancing, first take-offs from the water and first glides.
Continuing Board Training (50+50 min.)Entering the water alone and taking off from the water with the board, correcting the position while sliding, controlled straps and stops.
Controlled driving techniques (50+50 min.)Controlled strapping in both directions, controlled stances, back flips, correcting body position and becoming an independent Kiteboarder.

Training fee

Number of StudentsStarter Program(10hours)Additional Lesson (1 hour)
Private lesson470€47€
Group of 2 (per person)420€42€
Group of 3-4 people (per person)350€35€

Discovery and Continuation Program

Want to start kitesurfing but don’t have enough time?

We have prepared this program, which consists of 4 lessons and you can finish on a windy day. The lessons we aim at kite control with theory and practical training will give you ideas for higher levels. We will be waiting for you to continue from where we left off during the season!

Did you take kitesurf training somewhere but it was unfinished?

If you want to continue where you left off and increase your level, this package is for you! You can fit your style in a short time, go better on the wind or fly in the air.

Course content

Theory Training (50+50min.)Kite definition, safety information, wind description, wind window,introduction to land training with small kite and installation of large kite with four ropes.
Transition to Land & Sea Training (50+50 min.)Kite control with trapeze, lifting & lowering the kite to the ground, entering the water, lifting the kite from the water, bodydrag using the downwind and windward kite.

Training fee

Private lessonDiscovery and Continuation ProgramAdditional Lesson (1 hour)
Group of 2 (per person)190€47€
Group of 2 (per person)170€42€
Group of 3-4 people (per person)145€36€

Advanced Program

The most important feature that makes kiteboarding so popular and fun is that self-development never ends! Share with us what you want to learn in freeride, oldschool and newschool freestyle, and lets create a roadmap suitable for your level together. Dont forget the efficiency of uninterrupted communication with the instructor thanks to bb talkin’; in the lessons.

Course content

Windward rides(50+50min.)Providing the right stance by creating style, giving controlled direction by cutting the water with the edge of the board, ascents upwind. Making turns without sitting in the water.
technical riding(50min.)Advanced ridingtechniques and first jumps
Choose and teach (50min.)Style movements are optional trainings such as Waterstart from Sitting,Changing direction by jumping, Freestyle movements, Wave riding techniques.

Training fee

Number of StudentsAdvanced Program

Private lesson


Group of 2 (per person)