As Volkite; we started in Istanbul/Burc beach at 2000 and continue to train many mountains in Turkey. Since 2008 we have started kiteboard training in Gökçeada and it is still going on. Our instructors are certified by TYF (Turkish Sailing Federation).

For the last 10 years, only the energy and experience we have reserved for kiteboarders. We work at our school to see them in the water in safe.
We are creating new and developing sports organizations.We are discovering new spots and new spaces. We contribute to the development of kitesurf in Turkey.

True freedom on the water 🙂
A sports Kiteboard that anyone who wants can do. We have students who are 8-65 years old or 30-120kg.
You do not need to power when you're doing kiteboard! The power of the kite is spreading throughout your body because of harness belt. You do not need your strength to be strong.
Depending on the wind, training takes an average of 2-3 days. (You can find detailed training steps in the course schedules section)
Various sizes of kite, board, harness and clothes (wetsuit / lycra) are provided by Volkite in the trainings. The only things you need to bring are your personal items and your sunglasses.
Kiteboard trainings in Turkey are given according to the international standard education system determined by the Turkish Sailing Federation (TYF). Trainings in our school, KB4 & KB5 Certified by at least 6 years of experienced trainers. Safety training is provided with helmets and radio in our pre-programmed trainings. 4km closed to sea traffic and reserved for Kiteboard only.
For your friends Volkite cafe has plenty of pillows, wooden platform, wi-fi, music, showers & wc. You can also have fun with Beachvolley, Foosball, Darts, Balance board and table games.

Being at island is DIFFERENT!

3 Different Spot.
3 Different feeling of riding.
In this way, Kiteboard training is much more efficient.
Kiteboard on shore spot.

The beach where Volkite is located
On-Shore wind
2.5km beach only reserved for kiteboard

Kiteboard lagoon spot.

6km2 flat salt lake
Waist-to-knee shallow water
Located between onshore and offshore

Kiteboard off shore spot.

Flat water
Off-Shore wind with no gust
1km beach only reserved for surfers


We have created 3 different course programs for you. Discovery, Starting and Advanced Program.
Together with our instructors, you can choose the program that suits your level and start an efficient training.


The discovery program consists of 4 lessons. To experience the power of kite in these lessons, It will give you an idea for the upper levels.

Course content

Theory training (50+50min.) Definition of kite, safety information, definition of wind and wind window, introduction of land training with small kite and installation of large kite with four strings.
Transition to Land & Sea training(50+50min.) Kite control with harness, kiteboard launch and relaunch, water entry, kite relaunch from water, bodydrag.


Number of students Discovery Program (4hours) Extra lessons (1hour)
Private lesson 900tl 250tl
Group of 2 people (per person) 750tl 200tl
Group of 3-4 people (per person) 600tl 150tl


The starting program consists of 10 lessons. During the course you will gain control by using different sizes kites. You will start to ride downwind in the sea.

Course content

Theory and trainer kite (50+50min.) Kite description, safety information, definition of wind and wind window, practical training on land with small kite and four-string kite setup.
Transition to Land & Sea training(50+50min.) Kite control with harness, kiteboard launch and relaunch, water entry, kite relaunch from water, bodydrag, Meeting the board.
Continue sea training (50+50min.) Large kite control, balancing the position on board, first waterstart.
Continue riding training (50+50min.) Waterstart with no assistance, controlled riding and stopping.
Controlled riding techniques (50+50min.) Controlled riding and stopping in both directions, returning, correct body position and independence riding


Number of students Starting Program(10hours) Extra lessons (1hour)
Private lesson 2200tl 220tl
Group of 2 people (per person) 1800tl 180tl
Group of 3-4 people (per person) 1500tl 150tl


Riding with style, small jumps and boosting, entry level freestyle tricks, wave riding and more...

Course content

Riding upwind with style(50+50min.) Providing correct posture by creating style, giving control direction by cutting water edge with board edge, riding upwind.Turning without sitting on the water.
Advanced riding (50min.) Advanced riding techniques and first jumps
You choose, we teach (50min.) Jump with graps, jump transition, backroll , frontroll, wave riding and more.

It is a service for a maximum of 4 people. It is a program that is not as intensive as a lesson in order to be observed by an instructor while you are training yourself, to find answers to your questions and to improve your technique.


Number of students Advanced Program (1hour) Coaching (1hour)
Private lesson 250tl 150tl


The wind can change at any time and the kite you need is at that moment in us. You can rent all necessary equipment from our school.
Kite,Board,Harnness a Day 300tl
Kite,Board,Harnness Half Day 200tl
Kite,Board,Harnness 1 Hour 100tl
Board Daily 70tl
Harness Daily 50tl
Kite Daily 250tl
Daily equipment insurance 150tl

You do not need to carry your equipment all the time.Because we are hosting your equipment safely for you until further visit.
a Day 20tl
a Week 110tl

The wind is always on-shore in our school, but we are at your service with our boats for the time of off-shore wind. Safe and pleasant riding.

We are in a sandy beach closed to the sea traffic which is 4km wide. Equipped with wind-protected over 500m2 deck, equipped with cushions for music, Wi-Fi and relaxation, Hot shower and wcler, changing rooms, compressor available.

Your café, which starts with breakfast buffet in the morning and continues with unique flavors throughout the day. Mezzanines, fish, grill, salad varieties, fastfood.

If you are tired of the ship's queue, you will have enough contact with us when you are nominated. Leave your car at Kabatepe port and we will make all transfers in the island. Do no Dont worry about the time and use the wind until the end.